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Home Beauty Must Haves

Home beauty has become a big thing the last few months. With salons closing and people being a bit tighter with their cash, home options are thriving.

I love making sure I'm polished. From eyelashes to toenails, I want everything covered. So, getting to try some home beauty treatments has been amazing. Here are some great products that you'll love:

Dr. Teal's Foot Cream

Firstly, Dr. Teal's Foot cream smells yum. That was the most noticeable aspect of this lotion when I first opened it. The smell was divine. The second thing I noticed was that the lotion was very milky, and, thus, soaked right into my little footsies.

I was also sent the lavender Epsom salts to soothe feet, but have yet to try these. My thinking is that they'd be perfect in my foot spa and then I'd add the cream after. You can also add to the bath or in a small tub if you don't have a spa.

Having popped on the lotion, I added some socks and slept with the cream soaked in. My feet were super soft and felt really hydrated. To keep them like that, use the cream often and also wear slippers indoors.


Now Spascription is a brand that has a range of beauty products you can use at home. From charcoal masks to hemp and gold-infused eye masks, everything is covered.

I got to try their beautiful gold eye and lip masks that aim to hydrate. These are perfect for also soothing tired eyes. Best to pop on the lip mask when you're not walking around as it can slip off, so it's the perfect moment to take time out just for you.

Tip: have your camera at the ready, as these masks make the perfect selfie.


I've used 1000Hour before when tinting my eyebrows. The kit I was sent was for my eyelashes this time, although their brown dye can be used on brows. It makes eyelashes stand out and means you can go swimming, resting assured that your lashes aren't going to run.

I also got to try the heated curlers. These are great and it's the first time I've used a curler, but they're perfect for giving that glam eye look without extensions.

This kit is the perfect duo for keeping lashes glamorous when you're not able to leave your home...

Malia Hair

I've been using Malia hair mask for about a month now and it smells delicious, while also ensuring my hair is super hydrated and moisturised.

If you're unable to keep your hair salon fresh, then consider a hair mask to keep it feeling soft and nice.

I'll be sharing some more at-home beauty tips shortly, so stay tuned. ❤️


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