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Home Skincare for the Thrifty

I'm a big beauty and wellness fan. I've always liked to pamper myself and had a Thursday night ritual for as long as I can remember. It involved glamming up for the weekend and  was my time out from my hectic schedule of work and study, pro bono services, and other things that occupied a lot of my time. 

Many of my friends are modern women. They're acing the workplace, smashing that glass ceiling, or furthering their careers through advanced degrees. Some are setting up their own businesses. This means that they're either saving their money because they're investing in their hustle or they're strapped for cash because graduate degrees don't come cheap. But, we all like to look after ourselves and look good. For some of us, our glam, polished look is our personal business brand and we need to look "put together" to feel confident in work meetings. There's certainly nothing wrong with that. 

As a psychologist, I have often used behavioural reinforcement on myself. Operant conditioning is a behavioural approach where behaviour is reinforced through the use of rewards. My rewards for my hard work were facials, massages, and skincare. I worked that hard. I was student rep in my masters degree, worked full-time while simultaneously doing full-time studies, volunteered my time at a counselling service, and would get involved in Church activities. In order to meet the sheer amount of work and the enormous goals I set for myself, I would offer myself rewards. Facial for succeeding in meeting a self-imposed deadline. It worked.

But, my skincare regime was costly and when I decided to set up a private practice, I wanted to invest as much as I could in the business. I also needed to streamline my expenses. I certainly didn't want to neglect my skin though. So, I decided to research the best and most effective skincare at minimal costs.

Home Facials

I now do my facials at home. I use the 30% AHA peel from The Ordinary, which is simply amazing. It's so effective and works out at less than a coffee a month. In fact, The Ordinary have stated that using it as suggested keeps the cost as low as 1 USD per usage. Marvellous.

The AHA 30% peel is an advanced peel, but is safe for home use. I wouldn't recommend it otherwise. But, if you're concerned, use their 5% lactic acid peel to begin. It's mild and gentle and you can even leave it on over night. I am a fan of the peel. Since using retinols, acid peels and hydrators, my skin looks waaaay better than it did even from 5-6 years ago.

I was originally using products such as Dermaquest, and they're fantastic products- their vitamin C cleanser is just amazing- but for the price conscious, ethical skincare that's no nonsense and does what it says it does, The Ordinary is my go to. I have a whole range of their products and use vitamin C serum, matrixyl, niacinamide, and Argan oil. It was a dermatologist that told me about the benefits of niacinamide while I was having pre-cancerous skin cells removed from my head. It's a preventative topical medicine and so useful for preventing premature aging of the skin. Of course, it's imperative to always use factor 50 over any cream or serum too. I'll be following up with my daily skincare regime soon.

AHA peels exfoliate the skin, ridding it of dead skin cells, and speeding up skin regeneration. As we get older, the skin loses its ability to regenerate skin cells as quickly as it does during youth, so an AHA helps maintain cell turnover. The skin is soft, cleansed and smooth afterwards. 

Here is a pic of me using the once monthly ten minute peel. Simply slather it on and wash it off ten minutes later with water. Skin is silky smooth after. You can purchase the AHA in the link here:


Nu Skin Make Up Range

I was given some Nu Skin products to try a wee while ago and I am certainly amazed. I am currently using their LightShine Lip Plumping Balm which has lip plumping properties. It's a great lip gloss that you can wear on its own or under a lipstick. I do both. It enhances hydration and plumps lips, giving a natural boost in volume. You can purchase the lip plump here.

Their powerlip range is also amazing. It's a strong colour and even one coat is sufficient to take your lips to a whole new level. They really stand out. I use their persistence colour and add a second coat for a bit more evening glam when needed. Apparently, this is their most popular colour. And you can see why. Purchase it here.

I am currently also trying another of their products, but it's too early to review its effects. I'll share an update very soon. 

Here's a pic of me with their lip product:

As a woman, I love to pamper myself. I don't see it as being selfish or vacant, but a natural way to serve my personal brand and boost my confidence. Cosmetics don't have to cost a small fortune, and with these products, not only does a little bit of product go a long way, but so does your dollar too.

You can purchase Nu Skin products here: NU SKIN LIP PLUMPER


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