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I Like Big Butts... How Booty Hut is Helping Aussies Look Peachy Perfect.

I don't know about you, but I love nice underwear. Even if I'm the only one seeing it, my undies still have to be on point, look good, and help me feel sexy and confident. The perfect undies are cute, sexy, and totally comfy.

I've been promoting a lot of Aussie businesses this year. We've been through the ringer. The bushfires, floods, and then Coronavirus, have all meant that Aussie businesses need additional support.

So, here is one Aussie business that I know you'll love. Booty Hut is a brand that makes cool undies that you can even wear to the beach. These pants are wearable as underwear or swimwear, and, to be quite honest, they're so cool, you'd not want to hide them.

Founded on the Sunshine Coast, owner Amanda has a knack for spotting a trend. From vintage celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe to Audrey Hepburn, to fun animal pics like cats and kittens, Amanda has an eye for what works. She founded her company after a trip to Bali, where she had bought the most comfortable underwear she'd ever worn. Having realised that the manufacturer only produced one design, she set out to work with them to produce more. Thus, Booty Hut was formed.

I loved my range of undies. The french knickers and high cut pants will be great for beach days, while my g-string fun designs will work well under tight clothing; nobody wants a VPL.

Amanda has a large range of designs. She also has matching tops coming soon, and this is perfect timing for hitting the winter sauna in style.

Fun, thrilling and filled with colour, these undies will put a smile on anyone's face. Need the perfect gift for your man too? Booty Hut has a range for men.

Check their designs out here:




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