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Is the HIFU Facelift the best there is?

I had the privilege of seeing the amazing, Kelly, aesthetician and miracle worker at the plush Violett Beauty Casa in Drummoyne. Situated in the plush Geniale clinic, Kelly works her magic on the faces and bodies of her loyal clientelle.

It was there that I was introduced to HIFU for the first time. I had heard so much about this ultrasound technology, but I had yet to try it. That was until last Friday and a visit to see Kelly in her in-house clinic.

HIFU is known as the lunchtime facelift. It is non-invasive, meaning no knives are used. Instead, energy is delivered to several layers of the skin and SMAS (Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System). This energy then causes the production of collagen at these layers, causing skin to tighten, lift, and become more youthful. There is an immediate lifting and tightening post-treatment, but results continue to improve over the next few months.

I noticed a lift straight away. I also noticed my jawline looked much smoother. My neck looked clearer and more youthful, and I had an overall more relaxed look.

Violett Beauty Casa

The clinic itself is beautiful. It is luxurious. So luxurious, in fact, that they have Coco and Chanel written on their beauty room doors. There's impressive wall art, TVs showing the effects of treatments, champagne, tea, and cosy couches. It is a place you could just sit and relax in, much like visiting a penthouse suite of your favourite 5* hotel.

Kelly works alongside some highly trained cosmetic doctors. I noticed that they had brochures for their latest treatments, some to increase sexual pleasure with just a simple injection. She speaks in high regard for her colleagues and her face is an excellent representative of what she offers. She understands beauty and she knows what works for her and her clients. I knew I was in safe hands.

Is HIFU all that?

HIFU is a non-invasive treatment. I have had a lot of non-invasive treatments before, and while I had noticed a difference, I hadn't noticed quite as much of a difference as I have with HIFU.

My jawline appears firmer, tighter, and definitely lifted. These results will continue, and for that reason, for the next two weeks as my collagen production is in overdrive, I will ease off on any facials and skin treatments.

HIFU is good for:

  • tightening the skin on the neck

  • reducing the appearance of jowls

  • lifting drooping eyelids or eyebrows

  • smoothing wrinkles on the face

  • smoothing and tightening chest skin

HIFU is also used on the body for contouring and fat reduction. It can be used to reduce cellulite and firm the butt and legs too. If used on the body, a different applicator is used as fat reduction requires greater penetration of the ultrasound energy.

Does HIFU hurt?

HIFU can cause some mild discomfort, but it is certainly something that can be tolerated. If you have a low pain threshold, you can take a Panadol beforehand. I didn't and I was fine. Bonier parts of the face, such as the jaw, are slightly more painful, but no more than a mild ache. Kelly will ensure that she treats you at your own pain threshold, without compromising on results.

The whole treatment takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes depending on the area being treated. I had my whole face and neck done. As the applicators can penetrate different levels, some areas are treated several times. Kelly marks your face before the treatment as some areas cannot be treated. She mentioned the corner of the mouth is one such area, as the muscle can droop if it is done. There are also blood vessels below the skin that should be avoided.

HIFU is an advanced treatment and therefore must be done in the safest possible hands. A well-trained practitioner is a must. Kelly is highly trained, and, she talked me through the process, answering any questions that I may have. No one person is the same, so a bespoke, tailored plan is important. A good aesthetician looks at the face as a whole and tailors the treatment accordingly.

I am looking forward to having more treatments from Kelly soon. Check out Violett Beauty Casa here:


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