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Jamila's Beauty Bar Final Results 

Jamila's Beauty Bar has officially opened and the launch (which I didn't attend, but lived vicariously through instagram) was every bit as glam as the owner herself.

I reviewed my first lip blush treatment that I received complimentary from Jamila several weeks ago. However, lip blushing is usually done in two stages because sometimes pigment doesn't settle in certain areas. These areas are topped up at a second session, or, if you want to go darker, you can have a few more layers added.

For me, I'd followed Jamila's instructions to a T. My lip healing took about a week and included dryness and scabbing, that I left to fall off when they were ready. Tempted to pick them, I didn't, and was relieved to hear that that helped the pigment stay.

For my second trip, Jamila went over with the same colour. The lips would be even darker, which is what I wanted, as I wanted them natural, but noticeable. I'm happy to say that the results are fantastic. I lovely pink tint to my lips that stands out, but doesn't look fake. I officially love them.

My healing was so much quicker this time round. No scabs and within four days, all healing was complete. My secret (or not so secret!) is the arnica balm I received from KEAP. My lips healed in no time. They didn't flake, nor did they scab, and felt so much more hydrated. It's paramount to add lotion to help keep them hydrated throughout the process.

Jamila tailor makes each colour to suit your needs. She spends a LOT of time going through the options and working with each individual's complexion to colour match the perfect blush. She's a doll; patient, kind and sweet. She really will put your mind to ease.

If you're keen to learn more, check out her instagram page @jamilasbeautybar and ask her anything.


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