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Juuni: Period Pampering Just For You

Evey 28 days (or there abouts), many women on the planet experience a range of psychological and physical symptoms related to their menstrual cycle. These symptoms, known as PMS, can leave some women debilitated.

If you're used to spending the odd day on the couch, chocolate bar in one hand, tissues in the other, you're not alone. Many women will get a range of symptoms from mild to moderate depression and anxiety, to sore boobs and a bloated tummy.

In my younger years, the first day of my period felt like a warzone. I'd spend several days in tears and the cramps that I experienced felt like my ovaries were being shredded in a cheese grater. Dramatic? Not such. I sought out medical advice and now take medication that has stopped my symptoms.

That said, most women will experience one or two days of general malaise. It's a time like this that we need to reduce stress and up our self-care. So, when Juuni sent me their goodie box, I was delighted. The box contains a range of organic pads and tampons, sweeties to satisy the sugar cravings, and a facemask for some mini pampering at that time. It also has a little reminder telling you that you're gorgeous. Just what you need!

The package is so lovely and bright, it will surely put a smile on your face. What's more, you can tailor your package to suit your needs. It comes with free shipping too.

If you want to learn more, visit Juuni at:

Juuni gifted me a box of their goodies for the purpose of this blog.


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