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Konny Baby: A Wrap Made With Care

My gorgeous little girl has pretty much been joined to me at the boob since birth. It's lovely, and I love our cuddles, but it was getting quite difficult to do anything else.

I needed to find a solution to being nap-trapped that also allowed me to get my chores done. I'd read about using wraps or slings from a blog by The Happiest Baby and knew I needed to look into it more.

Babies that are joined to their mum by a sling are said to be happier. They feel safer and the wrap/sling creates a womb-like feeling so the baby is more content. It also means that the mother can get things done as it essentially means they're arms are free to type, clean or eat.

Konny Baby

I had the privilege of trying the Konny baby carrier wrap for this blog. I'd tried a couple of carriers that I'd bought, but the Konny carrier was by far the best for Savannah's stage of life. It was lighter and easier to use.

The carrier fits like a T-shirt. It's easy to put on and comes pre-wrapped, meaning that you simply just have to pop your baby's legs through and then secure with the belt wrap that ties around the middle.

The carrier is also a bit of fashion statement and comes in an array of neutral, minimalistic designs. Mine was designed for the cooler weather, which is handy since we are heading into winter soon. The breathable fabric carriers are great for summer.

But here's the question: did my little peanut like it?

Savannah fitted the wrap well. However, at first, she did think that the close proximity to my chest meant it was time to suck. Wearing a thicker top may have helped this situation.

Once I got going, I decided to vacuum wearing the carrier because the noise acted as a white noise that soothed Savannah. She then fell asleep in the carrier and I was able to finish some chores before placing her in her bassinet.

I believe that the combination of being close to me, my movement, and the sound of the vacuum all played a role in this. The carrier was certainly handy and it is great to be able to cuddle Savannah while also getting important tasks done.

I'm definitely a big fan of the carrier. It's a lighter, easier ensemble than many and it is perfect for the newborn phase. It also wraps like a little swaddle. I have a bulkier carrier for when she gets older and we go on long walks or hikes together.

I'd definitely recommend the Konny Baby wraps as they're so easy to use. That is enough reason to buy them as I've found other slings difficult to figure out how to use and they've been a waste of money. Being able to put the wrap on like a T-shirt is a huge help.

Konny Baby offer a range of products for both mother and baby and you can check them out on their website here.


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