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Lash Envy: Luscious Lashes Can be Yours with Long Lashes

I wanted a glam look over the summer and had eyelash extensions put in. I got the natural glam for length and it meant that I woke up feeling groomed. That was perfect for 5 am gym sessions where I could just roll out of bed, not so good when doing winter mud runs.

Since I do a lot of sports and outdoor activities, I realised that Tough Mudder-esq mud runs and extensions do not mix. The mud simply rubbed in my eyes, sticking to the extensions, and was difficult to get out. So, I decided to go au naturel again. When you have your extensions out, you feel a bit naked. Despite the fact that extensions were only an occasional indulgence for me, I did miss the length and thickness that false lashes gave. That was when I started to research lash serums.

Coincidentally, a friend had discussed lash serum with me and so I set about finding a great brand that I could work with. I wanted to try for myself. It was important that I found something natural instead of prescription, as I had heard that prescription lash growth serums that are designed for glaucoma patients can actually cause changes to your eye colour. While the risk was small, I didn’t want to take it.

Enter Long Lashes

I am naturally fair. I have my Nordic ancestry to thank for this. It means that my lashes while longish, are fairly fair and fine. I dream of having thick, dark lashes that flutter in the sunlight. It’s a feminine thing, after all.

While I have only been using Long Lashes a couple of weeks, I have already noticed such a difference in the health of my lashes; they look darker and thicker already. The serum has certainly injected life into them and meant that I am happy to continue testing the product so that they grow to a desirable length.

Long Lashes will benefit anyone that wants fuller, longer and darker lashes. It can also be used with extensions, providing a protective barrier and strengthening the hair follicle. It is also an amazing product for those that have short, stumpy eyelashes, have sparse lashes, lash loss due to hormonal changes, and damaged lashes. It is prostaglandin-free, meaning that it is free from any hormones that are used to stimulate growth, but that can bring about secondary problems. It is also free of any potentially carcinogenic chemical, vegan and cruelty-free, and made in Australia. The fact that it is made in Australia is very important to me because I am cautious about importing products from overseas; we simply do not know what goes in them.

No Toxins and Perfect for Sensitive Skin

There are many things that make Can Gro’s Long Lashes Serum great, but one in particular is that the founders needed a serum for sensitive eyelids. Eyelash serums can make eyes water, irritate and cause inflammation, and that is certainly something you do not want when you’re trying to grow your lashes. With Long Lashes, they’re perfect for sensitive peepers and it doesn’t irritate the skin.

Think of your eyelash serum as a vitamin infusion to each lash. The serum contains the peptides and nutrients needed to help strengthen and grow your lashes, just like popping a vitamin C tablet when you have a cold coming helps restore you to health.

We lose lashes, and our lashes become brittle, when we don’t take care of them. We rub our peepers, leave our make-up on them, and use harsh products that strip them of any protection when we clean our eyes. No wonder they become brittle at times.

If we apply the same amount of time and energy into feeding our lashes as we do our skin, we would have amazing results. With Long Lashes, it’s important to apply the product to clean and dry lashes. My recommendation is to clean the area with a wipe or micellar water that is alcohol free. This way it won’t strip the natural oils from the skin. Once done, use some warm water to wash the rest of the area and dry with a soft towel. Wait a few minutes and apply the serum along the lash line. It’s that simple.

Over the next few weeks, you will see the difference in the health of your eyelashes. You may not see a remarkable amount of growth for a month or so, but your lashes will look better and healthier, showing you that the product is doing what it says is will; providing food for growth.

You can purchase Long Lashes from Can Gro at Be sure to check out the amazing testimonials and pictures.


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