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Looking For Some Christmas Gift Inspo? Look No Further 

I was privileged to find a gift set from Kenzina Skincare on my porch this morning. In it, I found a vast range of Russian and Korean skincare gifts.

Russian and Korean women are known for looking after their skin. So much so, in fact, that South Korean women have a whole ten-step regime that they follow. They are known for having advanced cosmetics and many of us in the west simply cannot get enough.

I did try the whole ten-step regime, and I do follow it when I can, but even having Korean products in my skincare cabinet make a huge difference.

Kenzina Skincare offer hamper packages that look great. Mine included a range of advanced Korean skincare that contained peptides, gold, and hyaluronic acid. I love the cooling eye masks and they made my eyes look so much brighter. The anti-cellulite oil from Russia is great. It soaks right into the skin and feels great as a massage oil across your thighs.

The great thing is that all of these products are perfectly packaged. Mine also came with a great hair band saying Queen, which is quite fitting.

So if you're after cosmeceutical gifts for your besties, look no further, Kenzina Skincare have you covered. Check them out at

They deliver internationally too. Check them out on instagram @kenzina_skincare for more fun images. I'll be showcasing my products on my feed soon.


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