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Losing the Covid Kilos with Chocolate Cleanse

I have to preface this blog with some body positivity. All bodies are good and you're great just as you are, but I'm sure you know this already.

I am a chocoholic. A vegan chocoholic, but a chocoholic all the same. I also felt a lot less fit during the Covid lockdown months and needed to get my A into G to get back on my health and fitness track. Last year, at the start of lockdown, I was a lean, mean fighting machine. I cycled a 162.5 km Century bike ride in one go; I trained for multiple races; and, I was always super active. However, as the lockdown lingered, so, like many, did my motivation.

As Covid has said its relative goodbyes in the land down under, I am finding it is my time to get motivated again. However, I need to lean up, cleanse, and feel better. So, when Chocolate Cleanse sent me their vegan protein and green powders, I knew it was time. Plus, what better way to do it than with a chocolate shake that is 100% on taste and 0% on guilt.

Chocolate Cleanse Choco Shake

Chocolate Cleanse have a 7 day plan to help you in your pursuit of healthy, glowing and radiant health. However, I have decided, for now, to start my days with a green shake and have the salted caramel shake to replace my morning meals. In just a few short days, I already feel and notice the difference. I feel a lot less bloated, and, knowing that the green juice helps my skin, feel like I am getting a good dose of micronutrients to inject goodness and a glow.

The salted caramel flavour is divine. It tastes like a treat; a milkshake every morning, but it is perfectly healthy and filled with a good dose of protein to help you feel full without the bloat. Chocolate Cleanse also offer a range of flavours and protein-rich foods.


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