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Medical Silicone Sheets: A Review

I've recently come across medical silicone sheets for scar removal and anti-aging. Some women swear by them. I'm new and just forming my opinion.

I purchased one silicone sheet for my chest as an anti-aging mechanism. I don't have any lines or wrinkles, but I wanted to use it as a preventative measure. Plus, it comes in handy on those occasions where you lay on your side and your chest is crinkled. I found they worked. My skin, while already smooth, had an even smoother appearance. However, for the price tag, I'd say they're more suitable for more mature skin.

Cicalux, a medical grade silicone scar removal service, sent me their kit to try. While Cicalux is meant for women with c-section scars, I decided to try it on minor scars. The silicone can be taped to the skin and you can wear it all day. It doesn't come loose, which is the issue I have found with other brands, and is thicker and more durable.

Women have sworn by Cicalux. They have seen massive improvements in their c-section scars. The silicone is also energised and utilises heat therapy through the use of a natural stone. You can wear the kit as much as you like, and it is also easy to sleep in. Some women exercise too. It's absolutely hygienic and long-lasting.

The results? They're evident, but they do take time. For me, the issue was with consistency. That means results take longer, but they are still very much achievable, with many women seeing drastic improvements in their scars- even the most difficult to treat.

If you would like to learn more about Cicalux, check them out here:


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