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Meg & Indy: A Creative Solution to Help You Become More Eco-friendly

Meg & Indy, an eco-friendly lifestyle brand founded by two 15 year old girls from Brisbane, have found a creative solution for your shopping trips... and more.

I don't know about you, but some impromptu shopping trips result in me forgetting my bags and having to purchase a 15 cent plastic one that I always feel ashamed about. Having an eco-friendly bag on tap is a problem when you're doing a last minute shopping trip while out and about.

But not any more. Meg and Indy's innovative idea is an initiative to do better for the planet, while also filling that very need. They created handcrafted reusable bags that can fit in your handbag, but also look great as a stylish accessory too.

Their motto: "save the world" is one that we can all get on board. We all need to do more to look after the planet, especially with the Australian bush fires and the floods happening so recently.

I am really impressed with the designs the girls have created. They feature their Meg & Indy logo, along with key phrases and amazing designs, such as the beautiful turtle; symbolic of its survival if we all do more for our beautiful planet.

While bags are a must, Meg & Indy have also created other products, such as beautiful cards that can be given as a thank you, for birthdays, Christmas and more.

They sell their products at a market in Brisbane, but they also sell online, meaning you can snap up one of their designs anywhere.

Be sure to check out their creations at @meg_indybags on instagram. ❤️


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