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Microblading at Master Lashes

I have been contemplating the power brow for a while. As someone who is naturally sporty, and, who, quite recently, has embarked on several mud runs, swims, and scuba dives, I wanted to have a defined brow even when harnessing my inner GI Jane.

On a recent visit to Master Lashes, this adventure Barbie was able to have a two-to-three stage micro blading treatment from the owner. Anastasyia is a perfectionist when it comes to eyebrows, so I just knew my brows were in safe hands.

What is microblading?

Microblading involves adding surface level tattoo pigment to the skin. The micro-fine lines mimic your own eyebrow hairs, giving a super natural, but defined, look.

It's a relatively painless procedure. A topical numbing agent is applied to the skin before the artist or practitioner adds the lash strokes. While you can feel the ''cuts'' to the skin, you don't feel pain. It's a weird, but comfortable sensation.

Anastasiya decided to do my treatment over two-to-three stages because she didn't want to go too dark. It's great to get the outline in on the first treatment session, and then go darker and fill in the brows in the second treatment.


I was really happy with my results. They're natural, defined, but not too dramatic. It means I can still look groomed even when I am swimming or working out. The healing process was quick. I was just told not to work out, use a sauna or a hot shower for a few days. After that, I could return to normal.

It's important not to pick at any scabs that form. You should also keep the area dry during the healing process, avoid swimming, and, once healed, use SPF to protect your brows.

Anastasiya's clinic is in Surry Hills. It's a femme boudoir where you can relax while being pampered. She also does eyelash extensions, waxing and tinting too. Check out her work at:


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