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Microblading With Noush: Eye Couture Review

As a new mum, I have limited time. My days are spent hanging out with my daughter; feeding her, changing her nappy, and giving her plenty of cuddles. In fact, she loves to sleep in my arms.

As someone that loves to look polished, I wanted to update my semi-permanent makeup and have my eyebrows and lips done. It would mean that I could wake up and have those two things sorted. They'd be groomed and I wouldn't have to do anything. I could just simply wake up and go.

Noush, the owner of Eye Couture, offered to do my microblading. I also got lipblush the same day. The microblading was done to offer finer strokes to my eyebrows as the previous colour had blurred. Both microblading and lip blush are similar to tattooing, but offer much more natural results.

Noush prepared the eyebrows by first defining them, then showing me the colour. She chose the perfect match. It would look glam, but natural.

The Technique

Having prepped the eyebrows by tweezing excess hairs, Noush then drew in the shape, making them fuller and overall fluffier.

Noush doesn't use numbing cream. She prefers clients to deal with the discomfort for the sake of a better result. Numbing cream can cause swelling, distorting the result and causing the fine hair-like strokes to blur.

Microblading without numbing cream is sore, but it's definitely bearable. It's like a scratch on the skin that made me sneeze. The results were certainly amazing. After less than a week, the healed eyebrows were perfect.

Both my lips and eyebrows healed perfectly. They stand out. My lips are perfect and such an amazing shade. We had opted for a pink and red blend that would suit my skin tone.


The healing was quick. My lips were initially swollen and then tightened and flaked. They were fully healed in less than a week. The process was even quicker for my eyebrows.

I added a nutritious lip balm to help my lips heal, but left my eyebrows to heal on their own. I avoided makeup and any lotions and cleanser, as well as keeping the eyebrows and lips dry. I also drank with a straw. It's also important to keep out of the sun, so wear a hat if you go out.

About Noush

Noush is an expert in eye couture. She is so good that she trains others. While she was expertly trained in the USA, she also has her own unique approach to brow and lip art, and has a bespoke approach to each client.

Noush is also a celeb-sought brow artist in LA, and has worked with media clients in Sydney, with her brows being showcased on the cover of magazines.

I was super impressed with my brows and lips. They're the perfect shade and she knew exactly what I would like. They're perfectly polished, glam, but also look natural. I love them!

For more information regarding Eye Couture, and to see Noush's work, check out


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