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Molecular hydrogen. What is it and why do you need it?

I was recently sent some moleclar hydrogen tablets to try. Like a lot of people, I hadn't heard about them, so was keen to try them out in the name of health research (once I'd heard about the benefits, of course).

Hydrogen is a naturally occurring substance in water. However, the hydrogen molecules are bound to oxygen, creating H2O. Alone, molecular Hydrogen is simply H2. When the magnesium-based solid tablets are dissolved in water, the hydrogen separates and is consumed as H2, while water is still present.

It may sound complicated, but simply dissolving the SuperCell tablets (which are a nice fruity taste if you purchase the raspberry ones) in water, leads to H2 unbinding from H2O, meaning you're actually consuming molecular hydrogen in water. Drinking the dissolved tablet straight away is very important. The reason why is that hydrogen is a gas.

Molecular hydrogen has been used for years in Japan, but is just emerging in Australia. There are some amazing health benefits, including restoring the body back to homeostasis. Many people find they sleep better too. What's not to love?!

As hydrogen is needed for energy production at a cellular level, some people find a sudden burst of energy. The reasoning is that hydrogen stimulates the mitochondria of your cells, supercharging them back into action.

My Take

The tablet was dissolved in water and had a nice, fruity taste. I felt more energised, I'd say, but not an absolute remarkable difference. However, my workouts did increase. If your body is in a homeostatic state, nothing will happen. Hydrogen just works to restore this. One thing I did notice was more clear thinking though, and for that reason, I'd definitely recommend.

SuperCells Molecular Hydrogen are available online here:


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