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My Cool Gun Cryo Facial Experience

What do you do when someone holds a gun filled with liquid nitrogen to your face in the promise of smoother, plumper skin? Flinch. That's what happens. 

I went to see the lovely Nina at her Chester Hill clinic. I love going because she is just so caring, nurturing and sweet. The decor is really beautiful and chic and she has an almost perfectionistic touch to her treatments, so you know you're in good hands. 

A Facial Made Famous by KK

It was Kim Kardashian that brought the cryo facial into public awareness. Kim's not afraid of trying the more extreme facials in the name of beauty, but it was still great to watch a video of her having the treatment. She did the legendary flinch, before realising that the treatment was rather pleasant. I had the same reaction. 

As Nina cleansed and exfoliated my skin, she then massaged a hyaluronic acid serum in. The Cool Gun then blows vaporised liquid nitrogen onto the face for four minutes, gently ridding the skin of excess oils, dirt and dead skin. The thinking behind the Cool Gun is that the pressure also helps the serum penetrate the skin further. 

The facial itself is quick and painless. The pressure is a little of a shock for a moment, and then it actually feels great. My skin was radiant after. It was glowing, super hydrated and plumper.


What is the Cryo Facial?

Some people have named the Cryofacial Frotox; essentially meaning botox without the needle. There are no toxins involved and the facial comes without needles. You're simply freezing away the years. 

Vaporised liquid nitrogen has often been used by doctors to freeze away warts and cancers on the surface of the skin. It's done at a much lower temperature. With cryo-facials, the vaporised liquid nitrogen is extremely cold, but the pressure is not in one place long enough to cause issues such as frostbite. Instead, it exfoliates and brightens the skin. The low temperatures exfoliate dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, revealing youthful new skin below. Not only does the Cool Gun exfoliate, but it causes blood vessels to constrict, which reduces redness, puffiness and inflammation. It can also lead to collagen growth. 

The Results

I had had vaporised liquid nitrogen to remove some pre-cancerous cells a little while back and was slightly worried that my face would burn. This is not the case. The gun is not emitting as much pressure and the pressure is not located to one spot. 

After the facial, which doesn't feel ridiculously cold, my skin was tighter, firmer and glowing. I was aware that my skin looked sufficiently more radiant. So much so, that I can't wait to do it again. 

To try the cryo-facial, contact Nina at Unique Skincare and Laser in Chester Hill. 


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