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My Cosmetic Clinic: An Interview With Dr. Ansari

It goes without saying that I'm fanatical about anti-aging, so an offer to chat with Dr. Ansari at My Cosmetic Clinic was a fantastic opportunity to learn about the new anti-aging tricks and treats.

My Cosmetic Clinic has several Sydney locations, but I attended the Crows Nest branch where Dr. Ansari was based for the day. The clinic is large, plush, and has a nice, minimalistic boutique feel to it.

While non-invasive treatments occur at the clinic, Dr. Ansari also does a range of invasive surgeries. I wanted to discuss facial rejuvenation with him, as I am a big fan of non-invasive facial treatments that are both preventative, and, in some cases, reverse aging.

As I am still young and have no wrinkles, I wanted to discuss preventative strategies with Dr. Ansari. I also wanted to talk about jaw tightening as a way of preventing sagging.

Neuromodulators as a preventative strategy

Dr. Ansari offers a range of neuromodulators to prevent wrinkles from forming. They're known as wrinkle relaxers and can be used to prevent wrinkles forming, or, if wrinkles have started to form, can smooth them out. Wrinkle relaxers have a range of uses, some are medical and others are cosmetic, but the the options are vast.

Neuromodulators can be used for excessive sweating known as hyperhydrosis, for teeth grinding through injections into the masseter muscle, and to prevent a gummy smile by injecting a small amount into the lips. The treatments are painless, kick in within 3-5 days and can last up to six months (for some, this is longer).

Dr. Ansari stated that small, strategic doses of neuromodulators can erase frownlines, crows feet, and forehead wrinkles and that more and more people are using it as a preventative aging strategy. They're getting injections before wrinkles start forming, so that they can prevent getting any lines.


Fillers are used to fill volume. They're derived from hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally in the skin. They're used to add volume, hydrate the skin, and contour.

One of the benefits of hyaluronic acid is that, not only does it add to places that have lost volume and can lift and tighten the skin, but it also stimulates your own collagen production. When you add filler to the cheeks, for instance, collagen synthesis will take place long after the hyaluronic acid has broken down.

A Jaw Like Nefertiti

One of the stages of aging is loss of volume to the face. This can result in facial features sagging, predominantly around the jaw. Older women can often be seen with jowls, which is obviously something you'd want to prevent.

Depending on the cause of sagging, fillers, threads or botox can be used to tighten the jawline. Obviously, other treatments such as Fotona, laser, radio-frequency and Hifu can also be used, but the results may be less obvious.

It's important that a practitioner examines your face, as a one-size fits all approach does not work. Fillers can give certain face shapes a more harsher, masculine jawline, and obviously that's something you'd want to avoid. Strategic placement of neuromodulators can prevent a "turkey neck" forming and help lift the skin around the jaw, resulting in an overall tightened, more defined look.

Neuromodulators in the neck and jaw result in the nefertiti lift, and is named after the Egyptian Queen, Nefertiti, who was known for her defined jawline and elongated neck.

The importance of facial examination

Seeing a doctor like Dr. Ansari is imperative, simply because we all have different face shapes and aesthetic needs. Dr. Ansari will tailor make a solution for your concerns and will give an honest assessment of whether a solution would be beneficial for you.

Everyone has a unique facial anatomy, so seeing a doctor who has an artist-like approach is important. Dr. Ansari is extremely experienced, knowledgeable and caring in his approach, so he will thoroughly examine your needs.

My Experience With Dr. Ansari

My personal experience with Dr. Ansari was great. Wr discussed facial and anti-aging needs and I agreed to try a neuromodulator on my forehead and between my eyebrows. I had a very conservative dose, as I prefer to have a very natural look. I also wanted to try the nefertiti lift as a preventative measure.

Dr. Ansari asked me to make a few expressions before marking out areas to inject the neuromodulator. He provided some ice, but to be honest, there was no need since the treatment was relatively quick and painless.

Over the course of about seven days, the results began to show. I could no longer frown or scrunch my forehead. It actually felt great and I loved that it will also play into the facial feedback loop. Basically, this is when we can't form certain facial expressions, the emotions that are attached to those facial expressions cannot show either. Less stress, I'd say.

Dr. Ansari is a fantastic doctor. He's knowledgeable, attentive and very caring. I've loved my results.

You can find out more about Dr. Ansari at:


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