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Royal Essence: A Hidden Surprise

Have I found the best kept gift idea ever? Yes, I have.

Royal Essence is an Australian-owned company that provides luxury household smellies, such a candles, bath bombs, body scrubs and diffusers. They're luxury, smell divine, and look truly great. However, that is not the best bit. The best is that they come with a hidden gem; a lovely surprise piece of jewellery that you will find in the midst of your chosen item.

While Royal Essence have a range of unique flavours, I am a big lover of vanilla, so I chose the vanilla-flavoured diffuser. It smells amazing and is so feminine. When I opened it, I was overjoyed to see that their was a small package in there. I unravelled to find a lovely silver ring that had a princess cut diamond. It was beautiful and I immediately loved it.

Every Royal Essence purchase comes with a lovely hidden piece of jewellery. They're all stirling silver and can range in price. Some of the beautiful gems are worth $5000 and all you need to do is type in the code that comes with your purchase on their website to see its value.

I have loved seeing some of the videos online of people finding their little surprises. There are some cute videos of people finding rings in their bath bombs and seeing their little gem wrapped up in a candle that's slowly burning. I suppose we all love little surprises like that.

If you're after the perfect little gift idea, this is it, so check out Royal Essence here:

Product gifted for the purpose of a review.*


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