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Seir Beauty: Mosman's Pamper Package

I had the privilege of trying a wonderful hour-long massage at Seir Beauty on Mosman's Spit Road. The beauty clinic is both a salon and a school and has a vast array of treatments to try. I had the relaxation massage, followed by some power brows (tinting and tweaking of my brows to give them a more polished finish).

I saw the wonderful Olivia. Olivia is a therapist that is currently studying her diploma in beauty therapy and is due to finish the studies this year. She spreads her time between working at a clinic and completing her studies.

While I had initially been booked in for a facial and full pamper package, we opted for the eyebrow treatment as I had just had HIFU (see previous blog post) a few days prior. It is best to avoid facials for a couple of weeks, but other facial treatments such as the eyebrow tint were fine.

Relaxation Special

It had been a while since I had had a massage. If I need any back treatments, I usually opt for a chiropractic session, so I had forgotten how important it is to have a relaxation treatment. Not only is it good for easing tension and getting out any knots, but it's also good to have an intense oil treatment soak into the body.

Olivia had the prefect touch- it was relaxing without being too much pressure. It also meant that knots were loosened without it being painful. The oil also soaked straight into my slightly parched skin. They felt smoother and more hydrated after, which is good, because I often forgo moisturising my body in winter due to it being too cold.

Dyed Brows

After Olivia had finished the massage, she tinted my eyebrows a bold dark brown. I like my brows to stand out, but still look natural. I have had ombre microblading, but they still need some colour every now and again. After the tint, she tweezed the extra hairs and my eyebrows looked much more polished.

Seir Beauty School

Seir Beauty School is conveniently located in Mosman and Chatswood. They host a list of treatments, including body scrubs and wraps, eyelash lifts, and full pamper packages. For more information, check out:


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