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Skin is Flying High With Long Haul Spa

I recently had the luxury of taking a mini spa on board my flight. Usually, it's a mad rush grabbing essentials to keep my skin hydrated while up in the air, but with this little bag of luxurious goodies, I didn't cop the last minute chaos.

It can be nigh on impossible to find a flight-friendly skincare range. Products that work tend to be in large containers and risk confiscation by airport security. It's a risk not worth taking and it happened to me once before. A nice skincare range put in the bin before our very eyes.

What originally caught my attention with Long Haul Spa was the lovely packaging. Each spa range comes in a nice, colourful and elegant bag that's perfect for use as a purse post-skincare usage.

My skin felt super hydrated onboard the flight. I sprayed the little mist of hydration at every moment and used the clear face mask to keep my skin hydrated. My lips were plump and well, and not all the crisp dryness of prior post-flight dehydration. I looked rested and relaxed, despite the chaos prior to boarding.

The most hilarious part was reading the little booklet that I was given as part of the Long Haul Spa package. You will laugh a lot. There are some amazing tips to keep you entertained onboard.

For the perfect gift, or just simply for you, check out the range at Long Haul Spa. ♥️


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