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So you think you're an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs think differently. The entrepreneurial mindset is a unique and often fascinating way of thinking that is often associated with idealism, extreme drive, and, well, craziness. Apple's Think Differently campaign once spouted the famous phrase, ''the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do." So, here's to the crazy ones...

When I was at school, I had a hard time choosing any particular subject to study in higher education. Choosing a subject at university was hard because I liked so many topics. My plan had originally been to study medicine. I excelled in the sciences and graduated top of my school, but I also loved languages, art, writing, dancing, and more. Choosing ONE was torture. The struggle was so real. This is something I have found many entrepreneurial types struggle with. They're the master of the portfolio career. They like pretty much everything. And...they're life long learners, wanting to engage in multiple careers. Entrepreneurship is a natural choice, because they have the autonomy to try everything they want. So what makes an entrepreneur different:

1. They love flexibility and challenge the status quo. They know when they work best and how to be most productive. They feel societal standards limit people from flourishing and they're advocates for greater flexibility in the workplace. 

2. Entrepreneurs know the value of pretty much anything; whether that is the ability to save A WHOLE LOT of money on a purchase, or capitalise on the seemingly valueless, they know the power of thrift. Resourcefulness is their skill. If they think they can do something, they do it. They make sure they find a way.

3. Entrepreneurs like to work. It's a passion. And they love to utilise all of their interests. Where many would see their interests as totally disconnected, entrepreneurs have a way of connecting every single dot. Everything can be related in someway. We can connect everything to an overarching theme and utilise it in all ways.

4. We dislike small talk. Time is precious and engaging in small unnecessary chat drains us. We want to know what makes you tick, what inspires you, and what you love to do, never what you ate for lunch, or what type of handbag you bought, unless there is a fundamental reason such as the food will give you a massive boost of energy or the handbag is an organisational extraordinaire that came with 90% off the price tag. You get the drift.

5. Time is money. Money isn't a driver of the entrepreneur, but they recognise that money is needed to drive their goals. They invest in the business and their ideas, understanding it is building their future. If you're a part of their future, the business is team work and they see you as a co-owner. That's whether you work on it or not. You're a co-builder, a silent partner, and will experience the fruit of their labour too.

6. Collaboration is key. Entrepreneurs thrive on sharing ideas. They don't compete. They recognise that no one can do it alone and that team work is essential. 

7. Work is their love, but they know how to prioritise. They put people first and the driver of their ideas is to help others, whether that's making money to invest in philanthropic pursuits or helping others directly, relationships come first. 

8. They work hard. Like every minute of the day is spent working or studying or writing their goals. It's none stop, but it's a passion and a calling. They love what they do.

9. They dislike TV. Wasted time is wasted opportunity. Books are our TV. And, they're autobiographical accounts in nature. 

10. We don't like the trivial. I once lived with a bunch of people who argued over where to put the tea towel or what side of the sink the kitchen utensils had to be left on. And then there is conflict in the Middle East. Perspective, people. 

11. Idle chit chat is a chore. We're ideas people. We need to create. 

12. We get anxious when we can't "do." Sitting around doing nothing makes us restless.

We think differently. We love to challenge ourselves. We want to do the impossible. We want to change the world.


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