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Soar High: Making High Performance Coaching Accessible to All

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

With the rise of the great resignation and the risk of burnout for those working in executive positions, now is better than ever to set aside time to enhance performance, learn more about yourself, and understand the ways that you can accept and show yourself compassion.

High-performance coaching once belonged to those within executive positions. Today, however, it's more accessible and within reach, meaning that those that have yet to attain executive positions can enhance their performance through coaching.

You no longer need a seven-figure salary to access a coach. Coaching through Soar is available to all at affordable rates for a six-week group coaching programme (the “Soar Sprint”). Its accessibility means that more people can learn about themselves, becoming more authentic in the process.

We all need a coach. A coach helps us see things that we don't see within ourselves. They help us to adopt a fly on the wall perspective, seeing multiple angles of a situation. They also help us switch from reaction mode to response mode, meaning we aren't at the mercy of our emotions.

A good coach helps us raise our potential, while building positive emotions, which has also been linked to higher creativity. Enhanced lateral thinking makes us more solution-focused and excellent problem solvers. In fact, the Broaden and Build Model is a theory put forth by Barbara Fredrickson, a Stanford University Professor, and argues that feeling positive emotions leads to feeling more positive emotions and enhanced creativity, problem-solving skills, and the ability to find solutions. The alternative, negative emotions, lead to reduced problem-solving skills. Negative emotions lead to survival-orientated behaviours that hinder the ability to find solutions. Fredrickson argues that when we feel happy, we are much more likely to feel optimistic and creative, thus building on our happiness levels further.

The broaden-and-build theory emerged from positive psychology in response to fostering positive organisational behaviours (Luthans and Youssef, 2007) that allow individuals to flourish. Consequently, the broaden-and-build theory posits that positive emotions broaden an individual’s ‘thought-action repertoire’ that pave the way for creativity, innovation, taking action and increasing social bonds (Fredrickson, 2003). Individuals can then draw on these resources when needed. Coaching is something that helps us build our thought-action repertoire because the mind/body and behaviour link is strengthened.

Many people seek out coaching when they're at a crossroads. The Covid-19 pandemic meant that people had more time to face their emotions, and to acknowledge that perhaps their work or life goals had not panned out as they had originally wanted. Given more time than normal, many people know that there is more to life than the life that they have been living.

Soar High

Soar was founded by Sherman Lo and Isabelle Goldfarb, both high-performing professionals that experienced burnout in their careers who made it their mission to prevent this from happening to others. . Both are experienced entrepreneurs and professional coaches who co-designed the Soar Sprint with leading psychologists. Hundreds of professionals have now benefitted from being in a Soar group, which has further refined and improved the overall experience.

Soar is a six-week group coaching programme that is run on Zoom. The interactive, experiential part of the training means you will be applying the techniques as you go. The first aspect is learning to become more authentic. This is taught in week one. Week two focuses on getting more energy. Week three is based on building good habits. Week four discusses befriending your thoughts. Week five focuses on managing your emotions, and the final week discusses how you can design your life.

As you can see, the programme will help you become a more rounded person. If you've neglected your emotions and your authentic self for too long, this course will help you understand who you truly are. It's important to know who you truly are in order to work out what you want out of life, hence why the designing of your life comes at the end of the course when you've done the other work.

The Soar Sprint incorporates a wide range of psychological principles in the six-week experience. For example, the coaching application of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is used to help you apply mindfulness and compassion to accept and let go of thoughts, as opposed to constantly trying to challenge them.

The mission of Soar goes beyond any one coach. Instead, the programme has a panel of professional coaches and expert psychologists consulting and continually improving the experience, both in terms of content and delivery. The facilitators, alongside Sherman and Isabelle, have a wealth of experience that you will learn from.

Affordable, accessible, and with a vast array of techniques, this course will help you become a better version of yourself. Want more energy, authenticity, and to build your ideal life? Seek out the Soar Sprint then!

You can find out when the next Soar Sprint is here.


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