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Support Local: Dee Why's New Beauty Salon Is the Ultimate Relaxation Experience

I recently headed up to the Northern Beaches to try a newly opened beauty salon called Clear Skin Studio. It was there that I had the privilege of meeting the lovely Anya, owner of the clinic, and who performed my facial treatment.

I have to be extra careful with skin treatments these days. Pregnant women cannot use a variety of products, so Anya was careful with her selection of ingredients with me. Being a mother herself, she knew what would and would not be beneficial for my skin. She also had such fabulous skin that I knew I would be in safe hands.

Pregnancy Skin Treatments

Despite being seven month's pregnant, I have still been doing a large part of my skincare regime (sans retinol and salicylic acid). I also let clinicians know in advance so that they can tailor a facial to meet my skin's needs, whilst also being safe for pregnancy.

Anya opted to do an AHA peel, which gently exfoliates, leaving new skin behind. Alpha Hydroxy Acids, such as glycolic, are safe in pregnancy. They're a good alternative to retinol, and are a good way of smoothing out the skin. She followed this off with an enzymatic mask, which felt really hydrating, and then the LED light. While the LED was doing its work, Anya massaged my arms and hands, and I felt super relaxed. I love a good clinical grade treatment that also feels like r'n'r too!

I noticed a difference in my skin straight away. It looked brighter and more hydrated. I'd been really tired from the constant need to pee through the night, so it was certainly needed, and I felt that the treatment did plump and hydrate too. It was also a good place just to lie and relax amongst the lovely blush pink décor.

Clear Skin and Anya

Anya lives on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, so she's a true local to the area. She has over ten years of experience working as a dermal therapist, and holds a strong belief that seeing the same dermal therapist at every appointment is key to meeting your aesthetic goals.

Her aim is give clients the ultimate relaxing experience (hence the massage), while also delivering tailored treatments that meet your skin's needs. Clients are left feeling confident and happy post-treatment. This is the ultimate passion that Anya has.

On top of offering a range of bespoke skin treatments, Anya offers teeth whitening, professional event make up, dermaplaning, skin needling, peels and more. She has worked on models, performing some of the excellent make up that we see on our screens!

The facial was a PR gift.


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