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Sustainability Tips 

I think most of us are now conscious of the environment. Many of us are aiming to make changes; from reducing plastic, waste, and so forth, to becoming vegan or doing meat free Mondays. It's safe to say that we are all becoming more mindful of our planet. So, unless you've been living under a rock, I can assume you're wanting to make your mark too.

You may be thinking how you can do this. There's an endless array of suggestions so it may feel overwhelming knowing where to start. These work for me, so perhaps you can apply some to your own life too.

1. Marie Kondo. Look to reduce the amount of belongings you have. If it doesn't spark joy, give it away, recycle or send to the charity shop.

2. Question whether a purchase is necessary. Are you simply engaging in retail therapy to make yourself feel better. If so, pause. Give yourself two weeks and if you still want it, buy it.

3. Stick to the basics. Aim for a capsule wardrobe of neutral colours. This will drastically reduce impulse buys and will make life a whole lot easier. Plus, neutrals are classics and always chic.

4. Buy quality over quantity. Aim for eco- friendly styles that recycle goods such as Wod Up active wear brand.

5. Shop at charity shops. Try to avoid fast fashion where possible. Choose ethically. Avoid clothing that use sweat shops or harm animals such as silk farming.

6. Use reusable straws. Carry the silicon washable ones around in your handbag. Blendjet have some great colours.

7. Reduce washing and use an eco-friendly brand like Happi Earth. It offers 400 washes in one pouch and is plastic free. Each purchase leads to 5 trees being planted. It is also organic and smells amazing. Visit

8. Carry a shopping bag. There are some amazing roll-up bags that fit nicely into your handbag. Consider these.

It's a work in progress, but if we all aim to make little changes, it will make a big difference.


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