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Tan Contouring At Home

The lovely Venece of Hamsa Beauty popped over to do a spray tan last week. If you;re like me, Tan Thursday is a very important ritual in the week whereby you prep your skin and glam up ready for the weekend. I thought it was just me, but apparently it's a ritual followed by gazillions of women worldwide.

So, Venece came with her pop up tent and spray machine. We talked tan and I opted for a medium level glow. I still wanted it to look natural, but definitely wanted a sun-kissed look, despite it only being the first week of Spring.

Venece brought a lovely little pamper package with her. It was a beautiful basket filled with care products and I knew I'd have to fit in a weekend paper session in the bath tub. That aside, Venece decided to give me some body contouring, which, similar to facial contouring, is a way to highlight definition throughout the body. She sprayed several areas before proceeding to spray the tan all over. The tan dried quickly and I was ready to go about my day.

The great thing about this tan is that it develops in just two hours. This means that there's no need to have it on overnight. It didn't smell either and it developed into a lovely sun-kissed glow. Just what I was after.

It's day five of the tan and it's still going strong. It's not patchy, although it has come off my face now. That's mainly because I use a lot of actives in my skincare and I exfoliate regularly.

The great thing about Hamsa Beauty is that Venece comes to your own home. It saves you facing the general public, tanned and sticky post spray. You can also have a tan party and get the girls over for a few nibbles as you go.

For more information on Hamsa Beauty, visit and use ST20 for a nice little discount on your tan.


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