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Tan Thursday Beauty Routine

I have been doing Tan Thursday for as long as I can remember. In London, devoid of any sunshine for nine months of the year, I would take a long bath, exfoliate, and prep my skin for the weekend.

I didn't know Tan Thursday was an actual thing until recently. I then found out that women globally tan on Thursdays, preparing themselves to be bronzed for the weekend. #TanThursday is an trend on social media. We tan before bed, and, voila, we awaken a bronzed glamazon in the morning.

My self-care routine doesn't take hours now. I'm too busy for that. Plus, even with any extra time, I prefer to multi-task by updating my blogs, marking my student assignments, and building several of my side hustles. Tanning needs to be done quick sharp.

After a super quick exfoliation, I use Tan Thursday (yes, this is the name of the brand) to tan. It smells delicious, has no nasties, is cruelty-free and vegan too. What's not to love?!

The best thing about Tan Thursday is that I don't need to sleep in it. Say goodbye to manky sheets. You can leave it on for three hours for a dark bronzed look and then shower before bed.

I know many people dislike self-tanning because of the smell, but with Tan Thursday, the smell is super fruity and delicious. I feel like they have factored in all of our tanning concerns to create the best tanning brand. You can see clearly where it goes and the tan actually has a hydrating, not drying effect.

Everyone wants to step into the weekend looking their best, so check out


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