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Tan Thursday Made Easy With CocoDry

I've been doing my weekly tanning since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. I've mastered the streak-free, au naturel look over the years, and, more recently, have been known to walk around in a big black space suit to stop my tan from ruining furniture and bedding.

Not anymore...

I have since come across CocoDry, which was gifted for the purpose of this blog, and really love the fact that the powder helps set the tan so that you don't have that sticky feeling. CocoDry's powder and brush combo is used to help tan dry quickly (and it helps it dry extremely quickly), so that you don't have to worry about getting the tan residue anywhere.

The powder smells yum, so it settles any of that tan smell that so many people dislike. I'm really not a fan of the initial sticky feeling when I self-tan. It makes me want to wash it off pronto, but with CocoDry, it doesn't feel like I have the tan on me. It allows it to set for a good time, and I can walk around the house, spacesuit free, not having to worry about the fetching smell or the potential damage I can do to furniture.

If you love the bronzed self-tan look as much as me, then I would recommend you check out CocoDry at


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