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Thr Perfect Handcream: Kadee Botanicals

I must admit, I go through handcream like no tomorrow. My hands are probably an area that I have neglected in my beauty regime and a place I often forget to put sunscreen.

For that reason, I noticed they needed a cream with actives; more than simple moisturiser.

Enter Kadee

Kadee was formulated by a husband and wife team here in Australia. Because the team have a background in science, the formulations are supercharged with botanical and active ingredients to help your face, hands and body.

I have been trying the handcream, which smells amazing, and soaks straight into my hands. I've noticed I don't need to apply as much cream, as I'm usually slathering it on throughout the day.

What's more, my skintone appears more even, radiant and brighter. This is most likely due to the kakuda plum, an ingredient which is a potent antioxidant and very high in vitamin C. It's also infused with vitamin B5, jojoba oil, macadamia and avocado oils, as well as lilly philly fruit extract, lemon myrtle oil and vitamin E.

The oils naturally moisturise, while the lemon myrtle oil is naturally antimicrobial, protecting against germs.

Kadee Botanicals is environmentally friendly, vegan, and organic. They offer a range of lotions and are available at



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