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Treat 'Em. Tasty Treats That Help You Stay Healthy

Those that know me, know that I'm fanatical about health and wellness. I love a good protein ball too. They fill me up and are definitely a tasty, healthier option to having some chocolate.

Treat 'em is a company that specialises in yummy treats that help you get through your day. They offer a range of protein ball flavours, as well as cake-like treats that fill you up, but ensure you won't fill out.

Treat' em is the perfect platter for a corporate function, but they also do lovely gift sets; perfect for friends and family. Each gift-set is filled with yummy, healthy treats, carefully presented as the perfect present for that special occasion.

For those that work in health and wellbeing, Treat 'em gift sets are perfect to celebrate client milestones.

While my absolute favourite protein ball is the hazelnut cream, Treat' em have a range of flavours. The Love Yo'self Jar is great to pop on your desk so that you have a healthy snack nearby.

Each protein ball is filled with vegan goodness and contains roughly 7 grams of protein. They're filling, keeping hunger at bay. The recommended daily amount is 3 balls, and that's certainly enough for anybody with a sweet tooth.

To find out more about what Treat 'em can offer, take a look at their website at:


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