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Vk6: Aussie Inner Beauty Brand

I'm fanatical about skincare. My product list is extensive, and I'm always lathering on lotions and potions. I know that, while it's so important to look after your skin with a good routine, nutrition is very important for skin health too.

Vk6 is an Australian-made supplement brand that is designed to offer a potent blend of antioxidants. These antioxidants offer protection against free radicals, boosting immunity and offering general health improvement.

Vk6 sent me their S block, White Element and Slim Fit to try, as well as their decolletage firming massage lotion. I've been thrilled with their results so far.

Their S block offer a potent blend of antioxidants that support energy, metabolism function, hormone support and the protection against free radicals, while the white element supports collagen production with its blend of zinc and vitamin C. Expect firmer skin.

The Slim Fit is perfect for those looking to regulate their weight and includes caffeine and B vitamins for energy. This pack may also suppress appetite.

I've also been using their firming lotion, which is simply massaged into your breast and chest area for 15 minutes. I've noticed changes already, with my breasts feeling firmer and lifted and the skin feeling more hydrated. I'll certainly continue to use.

One thing I have really noticed is a more refreshed look. While this can also be due to my cosmetic treatments, the fact my nails have grown rapidly suggest that perhaps the potent blend of vitamins is helping a lot. I did have a couple of hair disasters during my use of Vk6, so having them to provide hair health was such a relief. I felt they contributed to the overall health and quality of my hair, even having box-dyed it during lockdown.

Overall, I've been very impressed with Vk6. I like their packaging. It's luxurious and demonstrates the high quality of these supplements.

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