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Want to do a 3-hour workout in 20 minutes? Here’s how…

I am a bit of a workout junky. I love to exercise. It calms my mind, rids me of excess cortisol, and makes me an all-round happier, healthier person.

One thing I dislike though, is the sheer amount of time working out can take. If you’re a Type A, impatient, super-driven, time-is-of-the-essence kinda person like I am, then you know the feeling. Spending several hours of your day in workout mode takes a way critical time from doing the other things you also love; such as work, time with family and friends, or working on your vast amount of hobbies.

So, when Exolt EMS offered me a trial of their facilities, I was super keen. Yes, I may have been slightly sceptical that a 20-minute workout would be the equivalent of 3 hours of hardcore training at the gym, but over time, the results spoke for themselves. I completed two twenty-minute sessions over the course of ten weeks, and I was thrilled with the results.

The most notable change post-session was that I was a lot less restless. I felt this type of exercise would be a good cure for anyone feeling anxious, or, who, like I mentioned earlier, identify as Type As. The feeling post-session is great. You’ll feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and a sense of calm. That said, I did have a great sleep after, so, for me, scheduling my session in the late afternoon is best.

The first noticeable changes were my core strength. My tummy felt rock solid, and I had an overall ease about me when it came to carrying heavy bags and weights. The changes seemed to be internal, because I hadn’t bulked on any muscle, but I did feel stronger. Over the course of the ten weeks, however, I did start to see more toning. The trainers remarked on how lean and toned I was, and despite the fact that I had gained some weight over lockdown, my thighs appeared smoother.

Now the science…

Exolt EMS use a system of electric muscle stimulation (EMS) that, as the name suggests, stimulates the muscles. Electrodes are attached to a suit that is sprayed with water so that the current can make its way to the muscle. The theory behind this is that the electricity stimulates muscle fibers that you cannot activate with traditional resistance training.

The smallest muscles are targeted; hence we see our strength increase. Unless you are an elite athlete, training 7 days a week your normal exercise alone cannot target these areas, and this is where EMS comes in. Research into EMS, plus the size of the industry in Europe and North America, suggests that EMS is the new way of working out for the modern worker. The workouts that you will do during your EMS session will be similar to any other workout, but the inclusion of the EMS ensures that more muscle fibers are activated.

The dose of EMS is tailored, meaning your trainer will not give you more than you can handle, but will also provide the right amount of EMS to challenge you. The first session is designed to assess what intensity of EMS to use and to set the stimulation level for each muscle group.

Each session is tailored to your needs. For me, my main area was my upper thighs and hips. The trainer would target these muscles more intensely, while also ensuring I do challenging exercises that work on those areas too.

All of my sessions were one-to-one with one of the highly experienced trainers. However, Exolt do offer group classes too.

The studio

The studio is situated on Victoria Road in Drummoyne. It’s easily accessible and there’s on-site parking too. The studio is crisp and clean, with all suits cleaned thoroughly. During EMS, you’ll wear a suit that makes you resemble the tomb raider. It’s sprayed with water, covered in attachments for the electrodes, and you’ll be working out with some cables connecting the suit to a power pack on your waist – but you still have complete free movement for all types of exercises both standing and on the floor.

The wireless EMS is controlled by the trainer, who will up the intensity of the stimulation to each muscle as is appropriate. Music plays in the background, and they will challenge you to work on your form as you work out. It really is intense, but that’s part of the fun.

Post-workout, a low frequency level of stimulation is used to help circulate blood and relax the muscles, and then you’re ready to go about your business. It’s recommended that you wait a few days between sessions. That gives the body time to recover, but also allows it to reap the benefits of the stimulation.

The workout is also perfect for those that have mental or physical health disorders, and has been incredibly beneficial for those with Parkinson’s disease in helping manage their tremors.

If you’re keen to learn more about EMS, check out EXOLT EMS at


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