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Wonderlab Chatswood- A Medifacial Review

Did you know, there can be too much of a good thing?! That is something I found out at the wonderful Wonderlab Beauty Clinic in Chatswood. Their very talented skin specialist highlighted that my overuse of AHAs and retinol had led to some serious dehydration in areas.

I knew I was in safe hands at Wonderlab. Their team of specialists were extremely knowledgeable, and I was also surrounded by state-of-the-art machinery that highlighted skin needs. The clinic was extremely relaxing; the smells from their essential oil range will put even the most tense person at ease.

The first stage of the medifacial, which is a prescriptive, bespoke facial, tailored to your own skin needs and desires, is the in-depth skin analysis. At this stage, you place your face into a machine that can see beneath the surface of your skin, and look for damaged areas. It highlights anything from aging and pigmentation to redness. This is great because you're not just treating the top layer, you're able to treat the skin to avoid certain damage coming to the surface.

After the initial analysis, my amazing therapist and I decided on the tailored medifacial. She offered to do a relaxing facial if I would prefer, but I knew it would be better to get the full shebang and opted in for the serious treatment.

We then went to the treatment room, where my therapist then performed a cleanse, peel, and a hydrafacial to clear my pores and dead skin. After that, a serum was added to the skin and massaged in using an ultrasound wand, which aides in building collagen levels and lifting and firming the skin. A red light was placed on my face after, followed by a deeply hydrating face mask.

The rationale for this treatment was that, despite some dry areas, my therapist wanted to clear out my pores, before working on the hydrating treatment. My skin felt amazing. It was much brighter, hydrated, and smoother. The dry, orange peel areas caused by aggressive medical grade acid products had gone, and my skin felt much better.

While I will continue to use AHAs and retinols, and I am such an advocate for them, it is important to remember to protect and hydrate as much as possible afterwards. You also need to take breaks to allow your skin to recover, knowing that there can be too much of a good thing. So, if you're a regular retinol user like me, having a check up with a skin specialist can ensure that your skin is kept in top-notch condition.

I highly recommend Wonderlab. Their approach is prescriptive, bespoke and holistic. They believe in ensuring clients feel amazing inside and out. The clinic is simply beautiful too.

Wonderlab is offering $50 off to first time customers. You can view their website here:


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