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Xaya Beauty: Lifting, Firming, and Lightening in a Jar

I do a little happy dance whenever I get to try a new skincare product. I love beauty. I also love writing about new beauty treatments and products. So, when Xaya Beauty sent me one of their concentrates, I was super happy to test it out.

I opted for their SP Lift. It has patented blends that act as muscle relaxers, meaning that wrinkles and fine lines are prevented from forming. If you're older and new to skincare, this concentrate can help soften these lines.

The jar is small. The reason being is that it's a concentrate of super potent ingredients that you add to other serums or creams. A couple of tiny droplets added to your morning lotion is all you need to cover your face, neck and décolletage. The concentrates are designed to mix with your skincare, meaning they won't clump, flake, or irritate your skin. For us vegans out there, they're also cruelty-free, naturally made and Australian owned.

Three Cutting Edge Concentrates

While I have been trying the SP Lift, Annabelle, the founder of Xaya, has also created two other legendary concentrates- the ceramides for intense moisture, and the Gold-C for blue light filtering and brightening. I'm keen to get my hands on the others knowing what a difference the SP Lift has made in just a few days.

The philosophy behind Xaya is to not change your skincare, but to power it. I love that. You can change (or power) any lotion that you use. I also feel that concentrates are the way of the future and they will powerfully and potently add to any skincare product, making it last so much longer too.

Check out Xaya Beauty here:


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