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Zuii Organics Tanning Range Review 

I'm a lover of the faux tan. I've been tanning since I was a teenager, and love #tanThursdays where I'd put on a fresh glow, ready for the weekend.

I've tried a range of mainstream tanning kits, and while they've been fairly good on my body, my use of actives have meant a patchwork style on my face. I've also become conscious of the fact that tanning lotions may be laden with chemicals that I simply don't want on my body.

I'm not ever going to be sat tanning. It's not me, I'm too impatient to just lie in the sun, and I certainly don't want to compromise my skin that way. This is Australia and there is a risk of melanoma here. So, to avoid that, I always wear a strong SPF.

Tans have come along way since the orange, streaky ones of my teen years, so I don't mind spending an hour or two each week exfoliating and reapplying. In all honesty, I've mastered the art so well that I can do it all up in less than ten minutes. #winning.

With my need for a summer glow, and my aversion towards toxic ingredients, I've found an organic brand that I love. Enter Zuii. Its flora-rich tanning options are perfect for vegans who want cruelty-free, healthy options.

I am in love with the face tanning water. I've tried several face tanners and never got the look that I've achieved with Zuii's. It's perfect, streak-free, and looks super natural. After several layers, it looks like I've spent several weeks in the sun.

I also tried the body lotion, which is a much more natural, lighter and gradual version of a tan. It looks light, but with a slight colour, perfect for those that don't want to be too bronzed. For those that do, Zuii offer tanning lotions that will tan you do bronzed glamazon in no time.

All in all, this range is amazing. The lotions smell great, there's no markings on clothes, and the look is super natural, and streak-free. You'll love.

If you're keen to try out some of Zuii's range, go to where there are a range of flora-rich goodies to choose from.


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