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A Towel for Every Destination

I think every grandma and their dog has seen the hit TV show, Bondi Rescue. Bondi Rescue, the home of Australia's most famous beach and resident hunk, Anthony Glick, is prime time TV in the UK.

Glick, as he is most commonly known on the show, is also a photographer, and, as I have since found out, a towel maker (his very own photography appears on his towels!).

What the men look like in Australia...

Spending the majority of his time on the beach, Glick wanted a towel that looked good and was practical too. As a self-taught photographer (you should check out his instagram account for amazing photography), his global images appear on the towels (hence their name!). Not only do they look good- I have the Sydney Harbour sunset on mine- but they're also super practical.

One of Glick's collections.

One of the things I dislike about going to the beach (yes, there is a dislike!), is the fact that sand gets everywhere. It sticks to the towel and when the towel gets soggy, the sand sticks to me, making it nigh on impossible to dry off. Nothing like getting cement-like sand stuck to your hair when you're off to a post-beach fancy dinner!

With Destination Towels, this doesn't happen. These towels are like Teflon. The sand doesn't stick; it simply slides off. The towel is also perfect for lying down on, as well as wrapping up warm in. Trust me, even in the harsh Aussie sun, somehow I get a bit chilly on the beach.

I love how unique the towel is. These towels make the perfect gift for someone, if you're stuck for gift ideas, because they have that super spesh feeling. They also come in a perfect little bag to cart your towel around and to keep it separate from the rest of your stuff, which, for me, is very important because I am usually carrying a few things around with me and don't like my wet or used towels touching my unused clothes. I feel Glick has a solution for every one of my beach towel problems.

Check out Destination Towels here: and use Sarah15 for a 15% discount.


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