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Designer 3D Glasses by VenEyes Offers a Bespoke Service

I must admit, I'm not too accustomed to the 3D printing world. I mean, I've seen some products, but I've never been too familiar with how they're made.

Sunglasses and eyewear are a complete loss to me. I wondered how a brand could print sunglasses and still have them protect our eyesight. So, when VenEyes offered me a tailored pair of sunglasses, I needed to see them for myself.

3D sunglasses that are made to order in a design that is fully yours, is pretty spectacular. I wanted some new sunglasses because I didn't like the style of the ones I'd recently picked up on a whim. I prefer the cat eye or oversized style as these are what suit me the most.

Josephine, the owner of VenEyes, offered to send me their cat eye shaped glasses with a lovely neutral argyle style pattern on the rim. When they arrived, my first words were, "oh my goodness, I LOVE them." They are perfect, and, oh so style!

VenEyes offers the ultimate digital service. You simply visit your local optical retailer and have them scan your face. You can then digitally try on the glasses so you can see what they look like on your face, before ordering the perfect pair, tailoring them from a huge range of colours and styles.

Once you've ordered your design, VenEyes use a state of the art digital printer to print the glasses. The quality of materials are exceptional.

Lightweight, Durable and Fully Customised

One of my first thoughts upon receiving the glasses was how light they are. They feel as light as a feather, which is great when I have them perked on my nose all day.

While light, they are, in fact, really durable. They're made to last, utilising Nylon PA 12, which is damage-resistant.

I loved that I could choose the colours and pattern style from so many choices. I felt a neutral colour would allow me to wear the glasses with any outfit, so I opted for beige and brown. I also love an argyle print, so opted for the Brown Rhombus.

All in all, I'm really impressed with VenEyes. They offer a fully bespoke service that allows you to customise glasses that are unique to you. It's something different to the mass produced variety you normally have to choose from. The quality is exceptional and I love that they've been tailored especially for me.

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