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Quality, Well-Made Clothing by Twill and Tee

As a style lover, and someone that is somewhat of a minimalist, I value sustainability and well-made designs over cheap fast fashion. Clothing that is made with love and is created with ethics at the forefront is imperative. I like my clothing to fit well and to be of high quality and I love that a good quality, well-made piece is to be nurtured. In essence, good quality clothing are heirlooms; we can pass them on.

I love supporting local designers. I am not a big fan of the big fashion houses, but I do love a good, local, Australian designer. This is what Twill and Tee is. The brand is Australian and the clothes are Aussie made. In fact, they are made local in Sydney by a small team of manufacturers.

Jo, the founder of Twill and Tee set out on a mission to create a range of organic cotton essentials using local production. She now has an elevated made-t0-0rder and ready-to-wear premium wardrobe for women.

I can attest to the quality of Twill and Tee's brand. I was sent one of their cotton white sun dresses for the purpose of this blog. The garment was made using sustainable deadstock cotton and is crafted with such quality and care. It's a beautiful, yet simple design, and perfect for that stroll on a resort holiday, lounging, and even sleeping in.

Twill and Tee offer a range of pre-order, made to order, or ready to ship products in a range of fabrics available at


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