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Personalised Baby Knits From Namely Co Are a Cute Winter Style

I love dressing my daughter, Savannah Arabella, up in the cutest of clothing. Since it's winter in Australia, and just a tad cold, having cute knitwear is a must.

My daughter loves to pull her coats off when she's out and about, so I've opted for layering knitwear over and under her dresses. This way she stays warm, but is still comfortable and unhindered by bulky coats.

Namely Co., as the name suggests, offers personalised knitwear. It's an Australian company based in Melbourne. They specialise in baby and toddler clothing that focuses on using a high quality, specialised knitwear technique for their designs. It was created by two mums, Marissa Wallis and Rheanna Griffin, with a passion to create cute, personalised, heirloom pieces. They're absolutely beautiful and make the perfect gift.

The team create a range of products from rompers and blankets, to socks, beanies and jumpers. They also do special collaborations with artists and create ranges for Christmas and Easter.

Our S Jumper and Beanie

Namely Co. kindly sent me a personalised sweater and beanie for Savannah, which are both personalised with the letter S.

The matching set are beautiful. I love the quality and how cosy they are. They're thick enough to be worn alone in winter too. They're also super cute and make the perfect keepsake.

I'm also loving the design and colours. They are a beautiful shade of lavender that look wonderful against her complexion.

I think personalised knitwear is a great and unique gift, so if there's a new mum in your life, treating her new little one to a personalised romper would be perfect.

If you'd like to order some personalised knitwear from Namely Co, check out their website here.


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