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Bhumi Organic Cotton Is Putting People and the Planet Before Profits

It's rare to see a company state loud and clear that they don't care about profits, but Bhumi Organic Cotton is one of them.

In a time where companies are still putting profits before people and the planet, it's great to see an organisation that wants to do good. And, they're not just paying lip service to it either.

Bhumi Organic Cotton is a company that specialises in sustainable cotton. Their range has a luxe feel, and is eco-friendly, cosy, and premium. It's an affordable range that makes you feel snug.

I've got a few things from the Bhumi range, so when they offered to send me a dressing gown, I jumped at the chance. Not least because it's been a bit chilly in Sydney and I love a good, luxe gown.

The lovely Tyler sent me a gorgeous forest green gown that's lovely and warm. It's made from premium blend, sustainable, organic cotton and feels amazing against the skin.

The gowns come in a range of colours. They're prefect for the cooler months, but they do have a range of lighter weight nightwear for the warmer months too.

Bhumi Organic Cotton's Founders

When Vinita and Dushyant learned of the devastating impact that traditional cotton farming had on the environment, they went about creating a brand that solved this problem.

They envisioned a brand that cared for the environment, while also creating premium products.

Traditional cotton farming exploits both the land and its workers, so creating a brand that looks after people and the planet was important.

The cotton is GOTS certified fairtrade.

Being strict in their certification ensures that there are no GM seeds, no harmful chemicals, insecticides and pesticides, no toxic dyes, bleaches or finishes, and no child labour used. Fair work is key and each worker is looked after.

Bhumi's factories are run on solar and wind power, with water collected during monsoon rainfall. With impressive credentials like this, you can see why Bhumi's products are sought after.

I'm impressed with the range of designs and products I can buy. The quality is excellent and there's something for everyone. I love the tartan green designs that have that lovely winter feel.

If you'd love to learn more about Bhumi Organic Cotton and purchase from them, check out their website here.


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