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A Trip to Gundagai With Kimo Estate Group

I am a big nature lover. Having grown up surrounded by animals in close proximity, something you don't come across in the city, it's nice to wake up to the sound of sheep, cows, and horses from time to time.

Gundagai is a small town in New South Wales. It is approximately 5 hours from Sydney, but it's certainly worth venturing to. It's also the perfect little pit stop when travelling from Canberra and Melbourne.

While small, it is rich in history, and is home to the popular Niagara Cafe, once ventured to by an Australian PM.

While visiting Gundagai, we stayed at the gorgeous Kimo Estate eco-cabin and boutique hotel. Our first night was at the eco-hut, lying under the stars. It truly was an amazing experience.

Kimo Estate Group- Fergo's Hut

We got to stay in Fergo's hut, which is one of the cabins within the 7000 acres of land owned by Kimo Estate.

The hut is an off-the-grid experience, coupled with a wood fire and outdoor hot tub. There are no sockets, simply USB ports, and you're completely unplugged from the hustle and bustle.

The lack of curtains and blinds mean you sleep to the sight of stars sparkling above. It's cosy, cute, and comfy. The perfect dose of hygge on a crisp autumn day.

I found the little touches to be lovely. Wood placed carefully in the fire, breakfast pre-prepared, and the hot tub already warmed for us. Waking to a fresh coffee overlooking the farmland was simply beautiful. It was difficult to leave.

Flash Jack's Luxury Boutique Hotel

Since we were spending a couple of nights in Gundagai, we also stayed at a Kimo Estate Group Luxury Hotel.

Flash Jacks is within walking distance of the main street at Gundagai. This is great if you want to do a spot on shopping or mingle with the locals while you're there.

The hotel is beautiful. It has an English country manor feel to it. It wouldn't be out of place in the Cotswolds. The room was warm and cosy, with a gorgeous bed. The bed was quite possibly the best bed I'd slept in.

The windows display the ivy growing outside and the views are tranquil, but don't overbear. Life feels simple. Cosy. Nice.

Kimo Estate really pull out all the stops to make you feel special. You're in a simple space that is luxurious, yet calm.

I loved the experience of the eco-hut. It's something I think we all should do from time to time; simply get off grid and disconnect to reconnect. I also loved that I had a warm, comfy, cosy bed to chill out and watch Netflix in the second night. There's something for everyone here.

If you want to explore an Australian country town, check out Gundagai and stay with Kimo Estate. You can book here.


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