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Beauty Inside Out: Fat Cavitation and Endermologie Review

I recently had the privilege of visiting BIO: Beauty Inside Out in Edgecliff. A small, intimate clinic that hosts a range of wellness treatments designed to shape the body.

Endermologie has been around for decades. Popular in France, and used by many French women for years, its popularity grew to global shores. It is less well-known in Australia, but is still rapidly growing as a body toning and cellulite-targeting treatment.

Endermologie is based on lipo-massage. It's a technique that sees the redistribution of fat and the movement of cellulite in the body. The endermologie treatment, while based on lipomassage, is much more effective as the machine allows for greater mechanical targeting.

The whole body is treated, but greater emphasis is placed on where you carry your fat. For me, that's my bum and upper thighs. The treatment certainly doesn't hurt, and can feel quite good, but some people feel a slight pressure.

When doing endermologie, you're given a protective white suit to wear. This protects your modesty, while also protecting your skin. After the treatment, I had the fat cavitation, which was the first time I had tried a fat cavitation device.

What is ultrasonic fat cavitation?

Fat cavitation utilises ultrasound to target fat deposits under the skin. The ultrasound melts the fat, shaping the body in the process.

A gel is applied to the body to keep it cool, before the metal device is massaged over the targeted area. I chose the sides of my thighs as I wanted these areas smoothing out.

While results from endermologie can occur immediately, the results from fat cavitation take longer. This is because fat cells take longer to be excreted from the body. Several fat cavitation sessions are recommended and results can be seen over a three month period.

The Results

I noticed results immediately. My thighs felt so smooth and healthy. Even the skin looked better in terms of circulation, which I was told is also a benefit of endermologie.

In terms of the fat cavitation, this is an ongoing process, but I feel the area targeted has smoothed too.

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