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Blendjet: The Portable Blender That Makes Blending Easy

I am a big smoothie drinker. I love to experiment with new flavours and recipes, and I am always adding new superfoods and micronutrients to energise my body.

So when I got to choose a Blendjet portable blender from Jen Selter's new range, I was rather happy. Happy, because it meant that blending smoothies was now much more convenient. It meant I could chuck my ingredients in and blend on the go. It also meant that I could drink my smoothie directly from my Blendjet, meaning much more convenience for me.

Blendjet comes in a range of colours. I chose the Mint colour as it has a bit of a turquoise feel about it and I love the colour of the ocean. There are so many colours though.

How to use your Blendjet

The Blendjet is easy to use. It comes with a USB charger that you can charge the Blendjet up and once fully charged, the Blendjet will make 12 separate smoothies. That's a lot of battery life. You're then free to blend on the go, no socket needed.

I pour in the liquid first. I add oat milk, as this is my milk preference. You can add whatever liquid you like though. It's important to add liquids first as this helps blend more easily. You can also add fruit and veggie pieces, powders and seeds. They all blend so well.

Share your smoothie inspiration with me via DM or get in touch if you'd like some ideas. Enjoy.

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