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Design your body with Hypoxi

I'm the first to admit that I had never heard of Hypoxi until recently. Since then though, I have read plenty of online reviews from fellow journalists to make me an armchair expert in the field. I was simply amazed at the results and how fast these results came about. And, while I'm certainly not shy of exercise; I work out pretty much daily and I am always signed up to some endurance-length sporting event, I didn't want that to stop me from assessing the latest craze.

The thing with Hypoxi is that it's not a new craze. It's been around for decades. It's a low intensity workout (low intensity, you hear me say!!) that is three times more effective in burning stubborn fat areas than traditional exercise. You can stop that HIIT class right now!

I'm the first to admit that I don't need to lose weight. In fact, at my first weigh in, I was actually worried my weight may be too low. However, despite being very slender, I carry weight in my upper thighs and butt. In fact, it's pretty much where all my weight is! It's the area I'm most conscious about toning.

At the Hypoxi studio in Parramatta, the lovely Gaby put me on a 12 session combo plan that focused on toning my lower body. Measurements are taken before, during and after the final session to map results. The combo plan includes a spacesuit style suit that sucked out air and a lay-down bike. The technology uses a combination of advanced vacuum and compression technology and good nutrition. The air is sucked out, creating a compressed feeling as you lie down. I'm not about to go into the science of it right now, but I can tell you that it does work. You're also not to eat carbs for two hours post-session, and you can't exercise on the same day as Hypoxi sessions too (score!!).

You may have heard that you cannot spot reduce fat. Exercise cannot eliminate areas of stubborn fat, so Hypoxi specifically targets these. I've been using the L250 and Hypoxidermology machine, which doesn't feel like exercise at all. I mean, I'm lying down watching a Netflix show (there's a TV screen on the wall) or reading magazines. It feels like I'm relaxing, not exercising, so I love going. These machines focus on reducing cellulite, increasing circulation and reducing fat in the lower part of your body. The vacunaut, on the other hand, focuses on your tummy and hips.

After six sessions, I have had some amazing results. The results came very quickly. I lost several centimetres around my hips, thighs and legs, and noticed improved circulation. I've now had my ninth session, with three more to go, so I'm exited to see the difference it will make.

While Hypoxi has been around for decades, founded by Austrian Sports Scientist, Dr. Norbet Egger, it only came to Australia in 2005 after the founder of Hypoxi Australia lost 18 kilos at a London-based studio. At a loss as to what to do without Hypoxi, he decided to bring the legendary technology to Oz. It's been a national success since.

There have been notable celebrity success stories, but few people have heard of Hypoxi when you ask them. I'm a huge fan and have seen what these machines can do. I also love how relaxing each studio is. It feels like a break away from the busyness of life, taking time to do something for yourself.

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I attended Hypoxi Studio in Parramatta where you can try your first session for free.


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