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Doctor V: A Healthy Alternative to Redbull

I never thought I'd touch another energy drink. Back when I was a 21 year old wee whipper-snapper, I'd down them in bucket loads. They'd give me the massive amount of energy that I needed to hold down 3 jobs and a degree.

Back then, I probably wasn't thinking of the health risks from consuming so much caffeine, but as soon as I had enough sense (by aged 22), I'd stopped drinking energy drinks altogether.

That was until this week, when a supply from Doctor V landed on my porch. If I'm honest, it was the packaging that got me. I'm a sucker for perfectly designed boxes and love these little details. The drinks themselves are great too. They're bright and you feel energised just by looking at them.

What makes Doctor V different is that they're healthy. They're an energy drink that is much lower in sugar and contains a great blend of European herbs and antioxidants. They're also infused with berries and I just love the lingonberry flavour. It reminds me of Sweden.

The drinks taste great; they're refreshing and I immediately felt energised. I was able to complete several workouts and I felt they'd be perfect for a pre-run if you can hack the carbonated side of things.

Doctor V is designed by scientists and doctors, meaning you're in safe hands and away from the potentially toxic ingredients that many large commercial operations place in their drinks.

If you're keen to try Doctor V, visit their instagram page for more information.


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