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Feeling Soulful: SoulTree's Products Provide Hydration to the Skin, Hair and Body

SoulTree, an India-founded organic skin and beauty company, recently sent me their PR pack of products to try. Their head office is in India, but they have a global distribution.

SoulTree was founded in India, offering ethically sourced and organic skincare that supported local labourers. The emphasis being on building and giving back to the local community. They're Ayurvedic, organic and ethical, thus carrying a triple seal of approval.

The founder, Vishal Bhandari, had left the navy at the turn of the Millennium, when he envisioned a much better future. He knew his choices were pivotal in influencing the world and he wanted to a career that made a fundamental difference. With SoulTree he could do just that.

At SoulTree, their brand has a global seal of approval, offering extensive research into every product. You can rest assured that the products you place on your skin have been produced without harsh chemicals, and all products are organic.

Beauty Doesn't Have to Cost the Earth

All SoulTree products are reasonably priced. In fact, if you convert from Rupees to AUD, you will be pleasantly surprised. If you're on a budget, looking for multiple gift ideas, or like to buy in bulk, then I would recommend visiting SoulTree's website.

I would highly recommend their lipsticks. They're especially good in winter and keep lips hydrated and smooth. If your lips dry out in the cooler months, their lipsticks have hydrating and moisturising properties to combat this. Using organic ghee, wild honey and sweet almond, your lips will feel super soft in no time. They come in a range of colours.

For flaky skin, their face scrub is also useful. Packed with microfine exfoliation, it's good to use all over. I also used it on my chest too. You can follow with their face and body moisturiser. Each one being packed with herbs and oils to plump, hydrate and moisturise the skin from within.

To read more on SoulTree and to check out their collection, visit:


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