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Grace Cosmetics: Values-Driven Beauty

The beautiful Abbi of Grace Cosmetics, an Australian owned skincare company, sent me a package of their delightful lotions for me to try. It was so beautifully wrapped that I even had to take pictures before I opened. Their touch is in the minor details that make all the difference.

I am beauty fanatical, but I'm also super strict with what I put on my skin. I avoid large amounts of chemical ingredients, seek out cosmeceutical ingredients that will benefit my skin, and look for values similar to my own. It's important that brands don't test on animals, use natural ingredients, are sustainable, and benefit the skin. At Grace Cosmetics, they also have Christian values, which I am a big supporter of.

Abbi very kindly sent me their anti-aging range, some aloe vera hydrating gel, and some massage lotion. This came in handy after a particularly challenging mountain biking adventure where my muscles were fatigued.

For me, aloe vera is helpful at soothing my skin. I use retinol that is prescription strength, so I definitely need hydration and cooling to support the flaking process. My skin soaked up the hydrating gel like it was a sponge and it immediately plumped and hydrated the skin.

I usually take short breaks from my tretinoin use each week, and during this time I focus on hydration and calming. I waited a few days before using the cleanser as tretinoin use can make skin particularly sensitive. It's important to use milder ingredients during that time until your skin settles and gets used to the retinol.

I found the aloe foaming cleanser refreshing and it made my skin feel super clean. It also gave me the perfect canvas for the 95% Aloe Hydrating Gel, the anti-aging ''Reverse Wrinkle" serum, and the Wrinkle Solution With Marine Collagen moisturiser. All of which soaked nicely into my skin, making it feel uber smooth. There's step by step instructions on how to use each product too.

What got me about Grace Cosmetics is that it's a brand that can be trusted. They also pay attention to the lovely details that us women love- the nice packaged box and the ribbons. Abbi left me a beautiful hand-written card that made my night. It put a massive smile on my face as she had clearly taken time to understand my interests and likes. It's a brand that makes you feel special.

The number one ingredient in all Grace Cosmetic products is certified organic aloe vera, which are carefully combined with botanicals and cosmeceutical active ingredients to restore skin health. Coupled with the cruelty-free and eco-friendly approach, Grace Cosmetics also support the Light of Hope charity, making a real difference to those that live in abject poverty.


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