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Hello Sunnie Moments: Pjs That Put a Smile on Your Face

I love comfort and some good loungewear. Being home doesn't mean style has to go out of the window. A bit of colour can bring some joy even when it's cloudy and grey outside.

I'm also a fan of the girls' night in. Since my closest friends also have kiddos, having time together is often in one of our houses, armed with matching gowns and face masks.

So, when Sunnie Moments offered us some matching (and super sunny) pyjamas, I jumped at the chance. I do love a matchy matchy, as you know!

Sunnie Moments is an up-and-coming brand that was founded by mother daughter-duo, Wendy and Laura, and the aim, judging by the brand itself, is to inject colour and joy into our lives. Comfort and style is the point of this brand, with their range of colourful and floral satin-soft pyjamas designed for brides and their tribes.

While Sunnie Moments' target market are brides and bridesmaids, the pjs are perfect for any girls' get-togethers. You'll be sure to love all of their joyous designs and the nice touch as it's gift wrapped with love.

Having bright and sunny pyjamas comes in handy from a psychological perspective. Colour has long been shown to impact on our mindset. Bright colours help inject energy into our day, so having a colourful, yet comfy set of nightwear can help us feel more energised when we wake up!

As someone that likes to stay in my loungewear and pjs for as long as possible, having a set that looks great is imperative. I love to arm my pjs with cosy, yet cute slippers and lounge around while I wake up over the smell of a cup of coffee!

With Sunnie Moments, my days are getting brighter!

You can buy Sunnie Moments here.


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