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Making a Girl Feel Fabulous: Project Beauty

It was Coco Chanel that said “a girl should be two things. Classy and fabulous.” I agree. I am one of those overtly feminine women. I love to feel like a woman and do feminine things.

So, when Project Cosmetics offered to send me some of their affordable make up range, I jumped at the chance. Applying a lip gloss onto perfectly lined lips gives me so much satisfaction. Do you ever feel like you can conquer anything when you’ve perfected your pout?

The lipstick effect is something that I have discussed before. When economic disturbances take place, such as the great depression, sales of lipsticks rise. Expensive luxury goods may decrease, but sales of little luxuries increase. Us women love to feel good no matter what.

Enter Project Beauty Cosmetics

This gorgeous new brand offers a range of glosses, lipliners and creamy lipsticks. I was sent five items to trial and was immediately impressed. The smell of the gloss is magnificent. It had a fruity smell that matched the tropical-coloured packaging that encased each lipstick. Each shade was beautiful; peachy, and a perfect match to my skin tone. They’ve become my everyday choice.

Project Beauty offer affordable make-up too. I’m super picky when it comes to cosmetics. You’ll never find me spending a fortune on make-up. I simply believe in basic everyday wearables at an affordable price. That’s what Project Beauty offers; a fantastic range of shades that don’t cost the earth.

For affordable, cruelty-free, vegan friendly make up that’s free of parabens, visit:


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