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Matching Mini Me Tote Bags From Bear Luxe Make Shopping Stylish

I'm quite partial to a matchy matchy look qirh my 14 month old daughter. I coordinate our daily outfits, and, where possible, I have us dress in identical co-ords with matching bags.

Shopping for the mini me version of my clothes can be tricky. I've got a full directory of places that I can go to now, but in the beginning, finding local businesses was a challenge.

I don't want to be a gatekeeper of my great finds, so I try and share as much as possible. One fab find was stumbling across Bear Luxe on Instagram, who have kindly given me a mum and mini matching tote for this blog.

I have to say I love them. They're perfect. A good large tote is an absolute necessity when you have a toddler and you need to carry so much around with you. It's also the perfect shopper, jacket holder for this transitional weather, and all-round style accessory. The mini version is cute. It's a smaller clone of the bigger tote. We are definitely a stylish duo now.

Bear Luxe offer personalised totes. They come in black or natural, and, because I love a good neutral and it fits with my Autumn wardrobe aesthetic, I chose the beige tote for my toddler and me.

Hannah, the owner of Bear Luxe, personalises each tote. I chose to have my and my daughter's names on ours and they're printed in black classic letters.

About the owner

Hannah created Bear Luxe as a creative outlet from her other business. She spent a long time sourcing a manufacturer that had the high level of quality that she wanted before the launching the brand.

Personalised products are big business these days. Having a miniature version is even better. With Bear Luxe, the process is simple. You just choose your design, add what you would like to be added in terms of personalisation, and the finished tote will be sent to you via free delivery (Australia wide).

If you're looking to support an Australian business and get a great personalised tote, have a look at the range at Bear Luxe


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