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ModiBodi-ing at Barry's Bootcamp

Today was a good day. I attended the official launch of Modibodi's active wear If you haven't heard of Modibodi, they're a body positive brand that specialises in female essentials (underwear that keeps us fresh no matter what time of the month). 

Modibodi is a global brand that was started by an Australian, who, having ran an overseas marathon, realised that there weren't any undergarments on the market that keep us women fresh. And that is important. 

I know that there are times in my cycle where I am a little self-conscious and it's certainly not just due to the bloat. The first couple of days of that time can be particularly heavy, meaning extra measures are needed to ensure that I feel fresh. Enter Modibodi. The brand's garments have built in technology that offer protection at all times.

The new active wear range is top notch quality. The leggings fitted like a glove and were like a second skin. I loved the feel of them when I was running. On the treadmill. In sprint mode. At Barry's Bootcamp. Yes, the shock of harnessing my inner Usain Bolt is still here.

Barry's Bootcamp

Barry's Bootcamp recently launched in Australia, with its official launch in Sydney. I got to attend the Surry Hill's gym and was immediately in awe. I'm a fan of working out. In fact, I pretty much do it everyday. But this was something else. The workout itself was hectic. The place was amazing. It's like a hub that I could spend my whole day in. 

The 55 minute workout, popular and endorsed by  Victoria's Secret models, the Beckhams and Kardashians, boasts a whopping 1000 calories burned per session. Crikey! The workout is HIIT in nature, a mixture of treadmill and floor work, using a mix of sprints and jogs to kill the joules. It's fun, taking place in a red room to pop music meaning you feel like you're in a nightclub bopping away to tunes at times. That's until you realise you can't quite catch your breath and you're left wondering how long your legs will stay up. It's intense. And, like I said earlier, I am used to daily intense workouts. Having said that, I absolutely loved it. And would certainly go back again.

The Fuel cafe that's situated conveniently next to the red room means you can order your super smoothie en-route to the showers. Take it from me, they're definitely worth a try. It was probably one of the tastiest, filling protein smoothies I've had. Like I said, you could stay there all day.

Visit for images of the event.


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